Stage One Academy Introduction

Stage One Academy is a well-known and influential comprehensive education institution in Vancouver British Columbia. Our academy combined professional art illumination and hobby art training, mainly devote ourselves to artistic talent’s detect and training. It includes children’s art development, teenager’s professional training, and adult’s artistic reestablishment. Our academy has different level of artistic structure, thus students can achieve educational career and spiritual achievement.


Stage One Academy devotes to build a spacious career platform. We are not only providing well known international famous instructors, we also use our academy’s contacts to provide students performance opportunities and opportunity of join professional artistic agency. No matter professional advanced equipment, superior instructors, complex textbook or personalize training program, Stage One Academy is the best in Vancouver. Stage One academy will make your dream come true.


As a mother who loves her kids and who has dedicated her career to arts education, I am driven to create an uplifting and inspiring facility where young people can find themselves through exploring the performing arts. The purpose of Stage One is two fold: to educate youth in the performing arts while allowing them to become more confident, socially capable individuals. My wish is that the arts and, more importantly, the self confidence that they develop while here at Stage One Academy, will guide our students through their careers, and lives.